Why Solo Travel Rocks

Why Solo Travel Rocks

I travel a lot, I love traveling but when I tell friends that most of the time I travel on my own most ask me if I am crazy.  There are a few who totally get why I love to travel alone but most don’t understand the appeal.  If you’re idea of great travel is a romantic getaway then you definitely want someone special with you but if you want to sight see or have an adventure then solo travel works.  Let me tell you why solo travel rocks.

No Drama

 Traveling is often filled with drama, you have tired, hungry and jet lagged people all stuck in one place…tensions can run high.  I have traveled with groups before where couples broke up, cheated with other travellers and there were messy situations all the way round.  No, thank you.  I much prefer my own company or perhaps do some sightseeing with some other singles who don’t care if you bail at any time.

Different Destinations

Every traveler already knows what they want to get out of the trip.  Some want to tour museums and see local landmarks, others want to taste the local cuisine and there are others who are there to party.  Nothing wrong with any of those choices and when I travel I try and do all of that and more.  However, if all you want to do is hit a pub and your travel companion wants to hit a museum what do you do?  Trying to compromise is great but it doesn’t always make for a fun trip, you will spend half your time in places you don’t want to be.

Sharing Accommodations

When you travel in a group you’re sometimes forced to share some pretty close quarters.  Hotel rooms are small and if you head over to Europe they are even smaller still. I have friends that I care about deeply but I never want to have to share a hotel room with them.  People are messy, they snore and the list goes on, do you really want to spend two weeks like that.

The Freedom

As a solo traveler the freedom you have is incredible, you can go where you want and be who you want to be.  You meet far more people when you travel alone, at least that has always been my experience.  While these are the main reasons that I travel alone there have been some camping and hiking trips that being alone gave me the chance to be introspective and escape the world for just a little while and that for me is why solo travel rocks.